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win What Matters 2 U

   intentionally Choose 2B4U

 new Start, New Season, New U

  • Former Volleyball Student-Athlete at the University of Arkansas

  • Plays professional volleyball internationally (Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Kazakhstan, France, Greece )

  • B.A. Kinesiology Applied to Exercise Science

  • 2022 Certified Sports Life Coach®

  • 2022 Champion and MVP of LVSF (Pro League of Puerto Rico)

  • 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championship (Netherlands)

  • 2022 Athletes Unlimited Sportsmanship Award

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  • Co-Founder of Patterson Sports Ventures​

  • Creator of Personal, Professional and Philanthropic Development Brands:

    • CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®

    • Champion Wellbeing®

    • Chief Wellbeing  Officers and Certification®

    • MeQ®

    • Life Training Academy

    • Sports Philanthropy League©

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Winning Strategies:

1. Choose what matters to you and what to Prepare during Competitive Greatness. Use Ray’s favorite tool, "What is a 10 for me?” A 10 is not about perfection, it is about what matters to you and what is important to you. Invest your time, energy and emotions in the 8,9, or 10 zone to be anchored in purpose and honor who you are.

2- We all have “Cardio in life.” They are low stats that get us to a 10. Instead of focusing and putting the energy on cardio or what you don't like, move to a bigger place focusing on your why. Focus on something bigger than yourself! What Matters to you? Why are you doing what you're doing? Focus and be intentional in the purpose inside your journey.

3- C-Love inside life! Be Intentional, train your brain, and focus on it. Love shows up so differently for everyone. Give love and receive love, even in the little details! C-love for yourself and G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E to the world. Be for you! 

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Winning Strategies:

1. Competitive Greatness is being your best when your best is needed and competing for you versus  against everyone. Inside our Competitive Greatness we anchor in our Truth, Faith, and Love. In your TRUTH, it's ok to own your emotions, honor them, and be compassionate for you. Be Truthful, Be Present!


2- Honor the FAITH in yourself, faith in your process, fear in your family, coworkers, and teammates. Trust the process while you're out of your comfort zone. When we are in the fear zone we want to go back to what is comfortable for us. Going from Fear to Faith is trusting the unknown, asking for what you need, and growing in your process.


3- LOVE shows up every day! What if you let love lead your life? In our transitions we tend to focus on Performance Barriers instead on what LOVE can do for you and the opportunity of growth. Is not going to be easy, C-Love in the challenge rather than fear. Be INTENT10NAL in C-Love because it opens our eyes to see love every day, it shows that you matter, and enjoy the gift of C-love in the little details.


Winning Strategies:

1. C-Love in our RELAT10NSHIPS Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically.


2- Be 4 you, be 4 your partner. There's a struggle in being separated from your family and partner. Have a 10 COMMUNICAT10N, ask for what you need and open your heart to receive the support from your loved ones. 


3- Let yourself feel. Honor and C-Love inside the struggle. We are going to have Performance Barriers inside our journey. Focus on giving yourself permission to honor your feelings and tears. Ask yourself, “If your tears could talk, what would they say?.” Once you allow your feelings to be present, think about ACT10NS 2 Change to give your brain the opportunity to focus on solutions

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Winning Strategies:

1. Win your well being in your journey so you can perform and work. A huge winning strategy could be Discovering your 10’s. It's all about Stats! 1 is low - 10 is fabulous, find activities that are in the 8,9, or 10 zone! 


2- In Sports Life Coaching, our tool for Rest and Recovery is all about being intentional about the aspect of your activity. What aspect of your activity do you really enjoy? And that's how you can go deeper into finding others' activities with the same aspect.

3- When you go for Greatness in your dream is all about Energy and Emotional Management. Own your emotions inside your Journey and define what you want to achieve while you are for your team. A great tool for Emotional Management is Going to the Balcony. The Desired Outcome of this tool is to get a different perspective, which gives you a new thinking, and from that perspective you can discover part of the Solution. We want to focus on Actions to Change(Solutions) instead of the Performance Barriers(problems or negativity). Use this tool as soon as your emotions are not fabulous! Your Action to Change(Solutions) Transfer to your Energy Management! Find the energy you want to radiate to yourself and your team! Focus on Solutions and Be for You!

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Winning Strategies:

1. Ask yourself everyday, “Are you winning according to your heart?” Go for what matters to you instead of what others might want you to do.

2. Include the tool of Seasons in your journey. It's very valuable when you are going for something big and push you out of your comfort zone. Knowing that we have a beginning and an end date helps you be INTENT10NAL with your investment in your energy, time, and emotions.

3. Seeing 10’s! INTENT10NALLY focus on what matters to you vs. the noise in the world. Be present, look for views, relationships, opportunities that make your heart happy. Ask yourself daily, “What is a 10 for me?” Train your brain to focus on great things rather than the struggle of the days.

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Winning Strategies:

1. Noise and chaos will show up inside the journey to fulfill your dreams. Our dreams don't come in the perfect package. Intentionally choose what you're committed to and what you're willing to do to make it work. Move from your Comfort Zone through the fear zone to the Learn Zone and Growth Zone!


2. Learn about performance barriers, figure out an action to change and choose your winning strategies inside your journey. Performance Barriers are barriers that get in the way of you achieving optimum performance or your best self. Figure out your Winning Strategies to show up as a 10! You know what you need to rest, restore and be set up for success. Own your winning strategies and actions to change.

3. Be anchored in Gratitude and focus on what you have instead of what is missing. 


Winning Strategies:

1. Are you choosing INTENT10NALLY? The Power of honoring who you are, what’s important to you, and being INTENT10NAL with your choices will help lead you to your 10 life. What are your desired outcomes?

2. With TRANSIT10N comes uncertainty. We as humans like to make plans and know what will happen next. While we cannot always control the outcome, we can control how INTENT10NALLY we approach our Game Plan to reach our desired outcomes. 

3. Trust the process. Ask yourself your stat on the opportunity in front of you. If something is not a 10 for you, or will not get you to your 10, find what is the 10 for you. Are you anchored in patience?

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