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The Intelligence in Me
Recognize the Grief Process
Transitioning Without Performance Barriers
What Can You Discover in Your First Week of TRANSIT10N
How Your Life Can Be a 10!
Flexibility as a Winning Strategy
Be Authentic
COMPASS10N in our Process
Cardio in Life
Stat Your Day
What is Sports Life Coaching? 
The Power of Rituals and Routines
Honor Yourself Through the Process
Become the Best Version of Yourself
Own What Matters to You
How 2 Define Winning
How 2 Use the Stats Tool
How 2 Invest Your
24 Golden Nuggets
  1. TRANSIT10N into next is a very intentional process. Recognize your journey and your beginning of transition. 

  2. Just like in sports, we have seasons in life. Seasons have a beginning and end date.. Be flexible and give yourself the space you need in your journey.

  3. Be INTENT10NAL while you TRANSIT10N 2 NEXT. Train for your life as intentional as you train for sports.

  1. TRANSIT10N is a very emotional process. You’re not alone, we are your Support Team, and let's set you up for success in your TRANSIT10N 2 NEXT.

  2. Your decision has to be INTENT10NAL with your journey versus an emotional feeling. We don't want the performance barriers to win. Performance Barriers are barriers that get in the way to be who you want to be. We want you to live your journey and make your decision when you're ready rather than run from it.

  3. It is the simple things that make a huge impact in our lives! Stick with the Rituals and Routines that work for you but be open to discover new things that are a 10 for you!

  1. Grief is part of the TRANSIT10N process. Recognize that there's still a loss so you can be INTENT10NAL and honor your journey.
  2. Honor your Competitive Spirit. Take your competitive metabolism to be 4 you and your wellbeing into your next. Be fully engaged in you. Be compassionate for you. It's important for you to define your purpose and how your why connects with your mission which is something bigger than yourself.
  3. You will be a rookie all over again. Find value and understand that the purpose of being a rookie is to learn the steps to mastery.
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Winning Strategies:
  1. TRANSIT10N is not an easy thing that happens overnight. Give yourself time! 
  2. Honor you while you create your next and stay engaged in what you love.

  3. It's a time of exploring what you're interested in. Go find things that give your purpose and explore what is important or matters 2 YOU!

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Winning Strategies:
  1. To rewire our brain during TRANSIT10N is important to honor and respect that our journey will be different. 
  2. ​It is a gift to understand The Power of Rest and Recovery in our 3D Model: Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically, to give your mind and body a rest. Personally taking care of your wellbeing, Professionally taking care of your competitive greatness, and Philanthropically is to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E to yourself and the world. Honor yourself and take a day to fully Rest and Recover to continue to optimally perform in your new Journey.

  3. Implement the New Skill of “Stats” and ask yourself “What is a 10 for me?” The “Stat” Tool is from 1-10, 1 is low and 10 is fabulous. It gives you a New Thinking to enjoy what matters 2 you, and the New Hope of honoring your decision and showing up your best self to whatever is a 10 for you!

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