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What is CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching®?

Experience the tools and techniques professional athletes and coaches use to optimally perform in sports and in life.

Are you a coach looking to take your game to the next level? Our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach® Certification trains you to coach people to be CHAMP10NS in their lives as intentionally as we train athletes to be CHAMP10NS in sports.


Who better to coach a person in their life, than someone who has been through what they are going through and has firsthand experience in what it takes to achieve success? We are committed to a "live it to give it" model.  Adding CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® to your career expertise is a gift to you and to the clients you choose to serve and support as their coach. 


Our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach® Certification is a tool-based training focused on mastery of our 3D Tools. Our coaches do not give advice based on their life experiences, they are trained to utilize it as a base for understanding. Our teach, coach, train model is designed to equip you with the skills and tools needed to coach people in three dimensions of their life- Professionally for Success; Personally for Significance and Philanthropically for Service.

Our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® workouts introduce you to the power of being coached and train you to:

  • Define what you want in life and create a game plan to make it your reality

  • Equip you with tools to create and sustain positive change

  • Introduce you to winning strategies for our fundamentals of time, energy and emotional management

  • Empower you to discover and be accountable to the goals you want to accomplish

  • Overcome Performance Barriers that are getting in the way of you being who you want to be

  • Enhance relationships and personal wellbeing

Our Influence and Impact as Women
What Could be Your Next?
Give Yourself Permission, Grace, Support, and Courage
Recipe for Success is 2 Honor Yourself
How Do Women Stay in the Game
Own Your 3D Life
The Courage and the Heart of a CHAMP10N
What is the Right Choice
Living 3D
Difference of Male Coaches vs Female Coaches
Honor Your Heart With Your Competitive Greatness
How 2 Use the Stat Tool
Be the Solution
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get coached


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  • During TRANSIT10N 2 NEXT ask yourself: What really is the solution I want to be? Be part of the Solution. Honor who you are as women, show up, want it all, and get it all! It takes you to your courage component.

  • Introduce who you are as a whole person by honoring The Power of 3 Dimension. Who we are vs. What we do. Personal for Significance, what matters to me? Professional for Success, honoring my competitive greatness. Philanthropic for Service, be a giver and G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the world.

  • Define your Seasons. Season has a beginning and end date. It empowers you to choose your beginning date and end date and to know that you're not in season forever. Anchored in how do you want to get better every season and give yourself the space to evolve.

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  • “NEXT” could be your Your Next Season in Sports, Your Next Career Move or Your Next Season in Life.

  • Have the Courage 2 Be Curious. Honor your competitive spirit and your confusion about how to do it all. 

  • Be Committed 2 Your Competitive Greatness. Own your truth, Live by faith, and Give Love.

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  • As women coaches, be proactive and INTENT10NAL on taking care of yourself and finding that help or guide, instead of trying to figure everything out on your own. Sports Life Coaching will serve and support you Three-Dimensionally: Personal for Significance, Professional for Success, and Philanthropically for Service.

  • Bring your authentic self to the game. The only recipe for Success is to honor yourself as a woman and as a coach, give your heart, and connect with your athletes deeply.

  • TRANSIT10N 2 NEXT is all about rewiring your brain and giving women coaches the permission, grace, support, and courage to figure out who they are instead of being told who we should be. It's tough and confusing to please others. The gift is to own our power and be anchored in purpose to embrace the journey.

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  • As women, athletes, moms, and coaches, we have the Fighter Spirit. During TRANSIT10N, do we need to keep the fighter spirit or can we use our competitive greatness to honor your heart and what we want?

  • Think outside of the box. Find your winning strategies, take care of your wellbeing, and be INTENT10NAL with your journey. 

  • Honor who you are authentically and figure out what's a 10 for you personally, professionally, philanthropically. We are here to SERVE AND SUPPORT YOU!

workshop speakers

Carlette Patterson
Melissa Luellen
Joi Williams
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