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Thank You Athletes

Thank You Coaches

Thank You Women in Business

JOIN us on the Journey to Discover

how women win our way

We are working on a book and NEED YOU!


Carlette and Kathy have Teamed Up to Discover, Design, and Do – "Winning Our Way".

  • We'll learn from Kathy’s insightful 2004 book, Gender & Competition.

  • We'll learn how men and women approach work and sport differently.

  • Plus, help us in our discovery to create CHAMP10N CHANGE-our best change- by honoring how "Women are Equal and Different". 


Through a series of conversations, podcasts, surveys, and research, we are exploring how to anchor in our strengths, visions, and winning strategies to create our future. If you are committed to being a CHAMP10N 4 Change - we would love to connect with you!

  • Professional and College Coaches and Athletes

  • Retired Athletes in Business


Click here to contact Carlette- 

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About the Authors

carlette patterson


  • Founder of Patterson Sports Ventures, 1999.

  • 30 + years of comprehensive experience in business and sports leadership, partnering with corporations, sports and philanthropic entities, to develop and facilitate coaching, training programs and curriculums.

  • Carlette was a college athlete and then became a national-ranked swim coach.

  • Following her sports career, she created and sold a wellness company in 1996.

  • Went on to work for the National Football League (NFL), the NBA Developmental League, and founded a non-profit – Y.E.S. (You Equal Success).

  • After being trained by Martha Beck, number one Life Coach in America, Carlette created:

    • Champion Sports Life Coaching and Certification®

    • Champion Wellbeing®

    • ​Chief Wellbeing Officers and Certification®

    • MeQ®

    • Life Training Academy

    • Sports Philanthropy League®

  • The author of,  I Thought We Had Forever: The Story of a Pro Athlete's Family's Journey through Grief and Resilience, published 2011

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kathleen j. deboer

  • Executive Director of the American Volleyball Coaches Association.

  • Prior to that, she was the commissioner of general services for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and senior associate athletics director at the University of Kentucky.

  • DeBoer has worked in and around athletics all of her life.

  • One of the first women offered a college athletics scholarship at Michigan State University.

  • Played professional basketball in the WBL, one of the first women’s leagues.

  • Following her playing career, she was a successful collegiate volleyball coach at Ferris State University and the University of Kentucky, earning National Coach of the Year honors in 1987.

  • Served as an advisor to the USA National Team from 1988 to 1996 and assisted with the 1996 Olympic Volleyball Team.

  • A member of the NCAA Management Council and served for 10 years as the chief fund raising officer of the University of Kentucky Athletics Association.

  • The author of numerous articles and videos on the subjects of gender, competition, and coaching.

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Interested in Supporting Us to Ignite the Power of Team to Discover

 how women win our way?

Connect with Carlette at to:​

  • Share your ideas of HOW WOMEN WIN, OUR WAY

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