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how women win

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Tonya Johnson, LSU Head Women's Volleyball Coach

The Power of Risk and Making DECIS10NS. How can women enter and make a name for themselves in the realm of college coaching? Risk vs. reward is a prominent scenario new college coaches face. Where is the balance?

Listen | 1:30
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Kevin Hambly, Stanford University Women's Volleyball Coach

Hear from Stanford women’s volleyball coach Kevin Hambly on his career path to coaching women athletes. How can we separate our identities as athletes and as people? How can you have healthy relationships with players and coaches, and what does that mean for you?

Listen | 3:31
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Joi Williams, Clemson University Women's Basketball

Director of Quality Control

Listen as Clemson University Director of Quality Control for Women’s Basketball Joi Williams talks about the Power of Story. How can we create an inclusive environment for all individuals to be able to succeed? We must get to know others and understand where they come from in order to empower them.

Listen | 2:06
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Helen Regan, High Performance Sport New Zealand

Listen as Helen Regan and Carlette discuss self-compassion as a barrier to success. They share their unique tools to reflect, learn, and change daily.

Listen | 4:26
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Carly DeHoog, Professional Volleyball Player

Listen as professional volleyball player Carly DeHoog talks about her journey toward competitive greatness. She highlights strong relationships as what helped her compete and win yet stay a great teammate. Thank you Carly for sharing How Women Win on court!

Listen | 1:17
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Melissa Luellen, Auburn University Head Women's Golf Coach

Thank you Melissa for the honor and joy of serving and supporting you. Thank you for taking the tools and skills you have learned to help others along their own journeys.

Listen | 2:23
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Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports

Thank you Patti for sharing your story and your truths with the world. Listen as she discusses the growth mindset within your position and how your presence affects those around you. How do women win?

Listen | 1:56
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Sharon Clark,

Butler University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach and Current President of the American Volleyball Coach’s Association

In the coaching arena, men are usually compared to women no matter what the accomplishments are. Due to gender stereotypes and societal norms, men have more room to be more aggressive, assertive, or loud compared to women. When women act this way, it becomes more to do with their gender than it does their coaching abilities. Being able to recognize this within yourself and others will help to rid of bias and keep women in the coaching industry.

Listen | 0:46
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Ashley Losch,

Captain & PIO for Glendale Fire Department

How do you invest your emotional currency? Invest in what matters to you. What does it take for others for you to give emotional currency to them?

Listen | 3:20
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Harriet Hopf,

University of Utah Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

What is your definition of competition? Competitiveness can sometimes come at the expense of collaboration, yet it is a very present quality in athletes. How can we be both competitive and collaborative?

Listen | 4:24
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JoAnne Pasternack,

President and Chief Impact Officer, Oliver+Rose and Founder of Athlete Voices

How can women promote themselves and their value to create a monetary foundation? Women can be easily put down, making it more difficult to stand up for themselves and what they do. 

Listen | 3:35
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Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of Diversity Talent Innovation - DEI -

Talent Acquisition at Nike

How do we stay true to our authentic self? This can show up in different ways across your personal and professional life. What are winning strategies to be who you are freely?

Listen | 2:24
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Liz Cumby,

President and Founder of Cumby Consulting

What is your why and how will you stick to it? We are valuable for who we are and not what we do. What does it take to Win?

Listen | 1:27
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Katlyn Gao,

CEO & Co-Founder of LOVB, Professional Volleyball League

How can women find ways to lead themselves as well as lead others? We can learn a lot about our own strengths when supporting or being supported by others. What is your anchor?

Listen | 1:54
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Harriet Hopf,

University of Utah Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

How can we as women be our authentic selves? Historically, when women are told they cannot do something in a men's world, we shy away from opportunity. How do we overcome fear and instead use it as motivation?

Listen | 3:20
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Nona Lee,

Founder & CEO of Truth DEI Consulting

Why has it taken so long to realize the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion? There is fear of many things: having to confront unpleasant realities, being uncomfortable, or shifting budgets. How can we shrink the gap between DEI and industries?

Listen | 6:27
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Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of Diversity Talent Innovation - DEI -

Talent Acquisition at Nike

How do we invest our emotional currency? There is fear in vulnerability, but this often opens the door for others to be vulnerable as well. How do we communicate it?

Listen | 2:05

kelsey veltman



volleyball player


Lindsey Ruddins


volleyball player

Do female athletes let male coaches say things

and/or coach in ways they won't let female coaches? Why?

"I feel like male coaches push more to be correct, and need to prove their masculinity by “mansplaning” things. And females are so used to putting up with it".

Is vulnerability a trait women expect of other women?

When is it a strength? When is it a weakness?

Is it essential for male coaches?

"I think women sometimes can expect other women to be vulnerable when being teammates. I think it's a strength when you can use your vulnerability in order to reach out for help to get better. I think it is essential for any coach male or female".

Do women lead differently than men?

If so, how and what do they do differently?

"I feel like women lead with you, and men lead you. I feel like male coaches don't like to get involved personally and stick to statistics and technicality. While female coaches want to get more personal and help you along the way".

What can male coaches learn from female coaches?

"I think male coaches can learn to try to understand their players and what they go through outside of sport".

What can male coaches learn from female coaches?

"I feel like personal connections and the importance of it".

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