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how do you change and win?
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Angie Akers, Retired Beach Volleyball Player and Current Head Netherlands Beach Volleyball Coach

Listen as Angie Akers gives her answer to the question: How do change and win? Pay attention to how players receive feedback you are giving them as coaches. On a general level, female coaches are more apt to give feedback in a positive, caring way, whereas males are more direct and may come across as more stern. Though this is definitely not true for all female and male coaches, it is still important regardless to understand your players and the ways in which they take feedback. Are your players more responsive to hearing feedback in a direct, harsh tone? Or are they more likely to succeed if it is brought to their attention in a more empathetic manner? Somewhere in between?

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Melissa Luellen, Auburn University Head Women's Golf Coach

Listen as Melissa shares her answer to the question: How do you change and win? Embrace challenges and anchor in your competitive spirit to help move through tough patches. Surround yourself with those who love the game as much as you and emulate the same level of passion that you do. Find your philosophy and what you stand for and be able to back it up. Recognize who your role models are early on and ask questions.

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Nona Lee,

Founder & CEO of Truth DEI Consulting

What societal changes are we seeing in regards to women stepping into the workplace? Imposter syndrome is very prevalent among women and has been for several decades. How can we be an agent of change for other women to prevent fear from getting in their own way?

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Melissa Luellen, Auburn University Head Women's Golf Coach

Rest and recover. This can appear as many different things depending on the person. Find something that re-energizes you, whether that be physically resting, spending time with family, or going out with friends, and make sure to carve out time in your schedule to do these things. Rest and recovery is equally as important to training and preparation in order to come back refreshed and sharp. 

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Carli Snyder, Professional Volleyball Player

Winning can be short term or long term, and it is important to have goals within both of those categories. If it feels like you are chasing something 5 years away, it can be anxiety inducing when going day to day wondering if you did enough. It is based on your own definition of winning, so be sure to create that definition to have clear cut goals that are attainable for your future.

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Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of Diversity Talent Innovation - DEI -

Talent Acquisition at Nike

How do we go from Anxiety 2 ACT10N? There are many strategies to care for yourself and be there when you most need it. What are your winning strategies?

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