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how does struggle create success?

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Charli Turner Thorne, Arizona State University Head Women's Basketball Coach

Listen as Charli Turner Thorne gives her answer to the question: How Does Struggle Create Success? There is no success without struggle. There is no growth without failure. Success starts at the end of your comfort zone. Teaching your athletes that there is no such thing as failure - everything is a learning opportunity - will help to cultivate a growth mindset. Embracing failure is necessary at this high level of play, especially for high female competitors who may lack self compassion when they do not achieve what they want to.

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Charli Turner Thorne,

Arizona State University Head Women's Basketball Coach

Transformative approach to coaching: Put the woman ahead of the athlete. Make sure they are in a good place as a person first before focusing on their identity as an athlete. How we help athletes personally as well as professionally can be equally beneficial and create a championship culture.

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Carol Hutchins,

University of Michigan Head Softball Coach

Hear from Winningest Softball Coach in NCAA History Carol Hutchins as she discusses the importance of humility. Nothing teaches you better than failure. You must walk away humbly from these types of situations and recognize where you can improve for next time. The 24 hour rule is a great winning strategy to come back the next day with a clean slate and not continue to bring up the negative emotions and judgement that came along with a loss.

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Brittany Abercrombie and Carly DeHoog,

Professional Volleyball Players

Set small, specific commitments before each game or practice to hold yourself accountable and have something to focus on while practicing your craft. See your game or practice for what it is; how did you perform objectively? Take what you learn from those experiences and move forward with that new knowledge to apply in future situations. Learn what to filter in and tune in to with all the noise surrounding you, especially in a game, to find what can calm you and get you back on track.

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Carli Snyder, Professional Volleyball Player

Sometimes you feel that you are the mistakes that you made that dat; even though that is not true, it is still how you feel. It can be difficult when you are trying to gain trust from your teammates, especially as a freshman, when learning new drills and how to function under a new coaching staff with a new team. Rewire your brain to feel a sense of reward whenever something feels right or good. Redefine your definition of winning depending on the situation so you can focus on the small wins, which will lead to the big ones.

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JoAnne Pasternack,

President and Chief Impact Officer, Oliver+Rose and Founder of Athlete Voices

How can we give girls the resources to succeed? Girls in today’s society have more seats at the table, but are often silenced if they try to share their opinion with the others surrounding them. Telling girls they have opportunities and giving them the proper tools is the next step.

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Liz Cumby,

President and Founder of Cumby Consulting

How do we push through negative feedback into the growth zone? Athletes are often defined by their stats and live in the numbers. How do we recognize our own value outside of this?

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Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of Diversity Talent Innovation - DEI -

Talent Acquisition at Nike

Where does the capacity of being resilient originate? Women winning often includes coming out of adversity stronger than before. How do we get there?

Listen | 2:45
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