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how do you train
with purpose and passion?
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Sue Enquist, Former UCLA Head Softball Coach

Listen as Sue Enquist gives her answer to the question: How do you train with purpose and passion? Everybody’s job at their respective role is to make the lead person the most uncomfortable. Usually within teams there are multiple players on your roster at each position; never accept that secondary role, execute your job of pushing the person in front of you to make yourself and that person your best self as an athlete. Organize it in a way where they can objectively evaluate themselves and their teammates without emotion.

Listen | 4:28
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Brittany Abercrombie, Professional Volleyball Player

It is important to connect with your why. Why do you play this sport? Everyone’s answers will vary, but being intentional and keeping your why in the front of your mind will help you to keep going and push forward. Ask each individual on your team why they are here, what do they want while they are here, and why do they want this.

Listen | 1:03
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Carli Snyder, Professional Volleyball Player

Treat your team how you would your family. Have conversations about what your desired outcomes are and how you will get there. Express your love for each other and recognize that the struggle everyone is going through is going to push you to your best. Be together as one. 

Listen | 1:31
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Liz Cumby,

President and Founder of Cumby Consulting

Growth mindsets are essential to push for success. How do we as women become high achievers? Does what you are doing matter to you or add value to the world?

Listen | 1:36
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