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how do you recruit?

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Kirsten Bernthal-Booth,

Creighton University Head Women's Volleyball Coach

As a woman and especially as a mother, women coaches on average carry a higher level of empathy when it comes to coaching players; however, this does not mean they can stop working hard or being a great teammate. Role modeling that players can achieve whatever they want in life will give a good example to players and show the type of development you are looking for in your program. Cohabitating personal and professional aspects of life is what Kirsten looks to emphasize in her own organization.

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Sharon Clark,

Butler University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach and Current President of the American Volleyball Coach’s Association

Your ability as a player to have a conversation with a coach will let them know if you are able to come and compete in their program. Sharon’s winning strategy is to be very clear and communicative with athletes as to how she coaches as a female. Some players may prefer having a male coach for whatever reasons they give, and you must develop some thick skin and realize that those athletes wouldn’t be a good fit for your program. Being able to be emotionally intelligent when having discussions or interviews with players and looking for signs of what you are looking for is a good way to recruit; you just need to know what you’re looking for. Ask players what coaches they have had in the past and what they liked and didn’t like about those individuals.

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