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how do you win every year?
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Kirsten Bernthal-Booth,

Creighton University Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Listen as Kirsten Bernthal-Booth gives her answer to the question: How Do You Win Every Year? Confidence breeds winning. Fostering the level of expectation while playing at a highly competitive level comes with communication, adapting and adjusting, and never staying comfortable. Getting outside your comfort zone drives you to be better and advances your program, especially from a recruiting perspective.

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Carol Hutchins,

University of Michigan Head Softball Coach

How Do You Win Every Year? It is never given or guaranteed that you will have a successful season or be a champion. Do not take a single day for granted. It is important to teach your athletes to be consistent in your own self and your emotions as you go along with wins and losses. Stay in the moment; take what you learn from failure and move on. Ups and downs are a part of the game, and finding something you can take away from the downs and keep focusing on the ups will propel you towards success using things under your control.

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Ashley Losch,

Captain & PIO for Glendale Fire Department

What is your definition of winning and how do you do it? Having a purpose and a passion helps build resilience through adversities when working toward your goals. What are yours?

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JoAnne Pasternack,

President and Chief Impact Officer, Oliver+Rose and Founder of Athlete Voices

How can women set themselves up for success? Saying yes to new opportunities allows us to grow and learn. What is the worst that could happen if "no" keeps you right where you are?

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Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of Diversity Talent Innovation - DEI -

Talent Acquisition at Nike

How do we win our way? The definition of winning is very individualized.

What is your way?

Listen | 2:34
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Nona Lee,

Founder & CEO of Truth DEI Consulting

How do we respect and own our value as women? Our power is often questioned or challenged as we advance in our professions. How do we gain perspective and confidence throughout these moments?

Listen | 2:59
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