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                                                            is a project started by

 Carlette Patterson and Kathy DeBoer.  

We’re on a journey to discover how women coach and win differently than men do

 And what it is that determines                                                                         

how women win our way

how women win our way

YOU are Invited!!

our invitation

The How Women Win Our Way project is inviting you to be part of our journey of discovery. You and your stories are a valuable part of the process!  We would be honored to have you join us by taking a few minutes to tell us  your story.  Your stories are a valuable part of our research and may be included in our book.


Professional and College Coaches, Professional Athletes, College Athletes, Athletes who have transitioned into Business


We have set up a series of 10 topics with questions to help us discover what women are doing to win. Feel free to answer as many of the topics/questions as you’d like to and can, you can skip those that do not apply to you! Any information is good information.


As you answer the questions, keep in mind that this is research.  We love the power of your stories, but keep them short and simple keeping in mind that we’re looking for the “HOW TO”. Sometimes, the “how not to” is also valuable! 


Click the link above to find our list of questions.

thank you!

And, we can't thank you enough!

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