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Cofounder of Patterson Sports Ventures

Creator of Personal, Professional and Philanthropic Development Brands:

·        CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®

·        Champion Wellbeing®

·        Chief Wellbeing  Officers and Certification®

·        MeQ®

·        Life Training Academy

·        Sports Philanthropy League©

Carlette’s background, expertise and experience have all been in the world of sports. She was a college athlete, a national-ranked swim coach, created and sold a wellness company, worked for the National Football League (NFL), the NBA Developmental League, founded a non-profit – Y.E.S. (You Equal Success), and after being trained by Martha Beck, number one Life Coach in America, Carlette created CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®.
Carlette draws on her personal challenges and triumphs combined with 30+ years of senior leadership in professional, collegiate, and amateur sports organization to ignite purpose and passion to create Championship Change in three-dimensions (3D): Professional = Success; Personal = Significance; Philanthropic = Service of our lives.


Sports Philanthropy: Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy From 2005-2014, Patterson Sports Ventures (PSV) teamed with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to establish the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy as a flagship program. Patterson Sports Ventures continues to promote Sports Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility by incorporating Leadership Change into each client’s philanthropic and sustainability work. Find out more information here: https://www.lifetrainingacademy.com/givehope

Past Winners of the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy • Philadelphia Eagles Youth Partnership (2005) • Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation (2006) • Moyer Foundation, Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation (2007) • San Francisco Giants Community Fund, The Steve Nash Foundation (2008) • Marvin Lewis Community Fund, Red Sox Foundation (2009) • Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, U.S. Soccer Foundation (2010) • Cincinnati Reds Community Fund, Brian Griese and Judi’s House (2011) • Chicago White Sox Volunteer Corps, Notah Begay III Foundation Women’s Sports Foundation (2012) • Tony Hawk Foundation, San Francisco 49ers, LA84 Foundation (2013) • Harlem RBI, Tiger Woods Foundation, Jays Care Foundation (2014)

Author: I Thought We Had Forever: The Story of a Pro Athlete’s Family’s Journey through Grief and Resilience 

Featured Writer: Christ-Centered Generosity: Global Perspectives on the Biblical Call to a Generous Life

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Patterson Sports Ventures, CEO

Carlette Patterson is the CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures, she has 30+ years of senior leadership in amateur, collegiate, professional sports organizations and comprehensive experience in sports leadership, partnering with sports and philanthropic entities executing leadership strategies to support Life-Training and development for athletes, coaches, teams, students, professors, and corporations, including:

  • U.S. and International professional and collegiate athletes and coaches (22 years)

  • Arizona State University, Women's Basketball (18 years)

  • High Performance Sport, New Zealand (10 years)

  • Quantum Sports, New Zealand (10 years)

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (10 years)

  • Kitchell Corporation (10years)

  • Arizona State University Women's Golf (7 years)

  • Auburn University Athletics (6 years)

  • National Football League (NFL) (5 years)

  • Northern Arizona University (5 years)

  • Alliance of Women Coaches (3 years)

  • Arizona State University Women's Volleyball (3 year)

  • Saint Joseph’s University, Field Hockey (3 year)

  • Continental Basketball Association (The Developmental League for the NBA) (2 years)

  • National Rugby League, Australia (2 years)

  • Arizona State University Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience (2 years)

  • West Point Women’s Soccer (2 years)

  • Texas A&M, Women’s Volleyball (1 year)

  • Grand Canyon University, Women's Basketball (1 year)


Sports Life Coaching 3D Curriculum: Teaching, Coaching and Training the Three Dimensions of people’s live: (1) Professional Life for Success (2) Personal Life for Significance (3) Philanthropic Life for Service, includes:

  • life-purpose understanding and development for change management

  • time, energy, emotion management

  • goal development and implementation

  • communication development

  • relationship and well-being enhancement

  • winning strategies creation

  • performance barrier identification

  • action-to-change identification

  • support team’s formation and foundation

  • success, significance and service definition: What matters? 

  • sports philanthropy training


Modalities and Platforms: instructor led, in person, virtual, and e-learning 

Scalable Program Options: one-on-one, team, large groups, and organizations