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Sports Nutrition Coach
  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist - Sports Nutrition Association (SNA) in 2023

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • M. A. in Business Administration from San Diego University for Integrative Studies (SDUIS)

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Park University

  • Health Coach and Sport Nutritionist (2020-present)

  • Club volleyball coach (2015-2020) and high school volleyball coach (2017-2019) in San Diego

  • Business management, sales and marketing experience

  • Born and raised in Recife/ Brazil

  • Played volleyball at a few of Brazil’s top junior clubs (Sada Cruzeiro and Minas Tênis)

  • Played at the NAIA collegiate level, where he became a national champion in 2014

  • Named National Player of the Year and All-American in 2015 during his senior year

  • Men’s Volleyball Conference Freshman of the Year and First Team All-Conference in 2012

Trust the Process

What is Bio Individuality?

Practice Conscious Eating

What Causes Bloating?

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CONVERSAT10N:  Sports Hydration.

Learn about the symptoms of dehydration, when athletes should drink water and the best tips for hydration.

CONVERSAT10N:  Nutritional Theories and Bio Individuality.

Learn about how to figure out what foods or diets work best for you, being conscious and aware of your body’s messages, and how to trust the nutrition process

CONVERSAT10N: Sports Nutrition 101: Macronutrients.

Learn about fueling for peak performance, why the timing of your nutrition matters, and how to build a balanced meal.

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