• What is G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E.?

  • Components of hope

  • How to be there for others

  • Why serving others is beneficial for us

  • Defining G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. 

  • Needs Assessment

  • Best Practices

  • Return on Investment

  • Goal Setting

  • Reflection Prompts


Research has found many examples of how doing good, in ways big or small, not only feels good, but also does us good. For instance, the well-being-boosting and depression-lowering benefits of volunteering have been repeatedly documented. As has the sense of meaning and purpose that often accompanies altruistic behavior.

Get Coached and Introduced to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Q Workshop

Define What G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Means to You and How to Live It

One Month Commitment

Wednesdays - Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021: Noon- 1:00 AZ Time

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  • One Month Commitment to Get Coached on G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Q

  • 4: Weekly Wednesday CHAMP10N Wellbeing™ Workouts

  • 1 Hour Per Week: Noon- 1:00 AZ Time

  • Hosted on Zoom with a Team of People

  • Investment: $250 Per Month Per Person

  • Scholarship Option: Igniting the Power of Team to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E.
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