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Kevin Fournier, has been a part of the direct selling industry for 25 years, 3 as a distributor and 22 as an owner. 


10 Moments:

  • Helped lead a corporate and field sales team to well over $1B in sales since the launch of FreeLife in 1995

  • Responsible for operations in over 20 countries including the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and the Philippines

  • Frequent speaker and trainer at company conventions and events

  • Co-founder of GojiKids - a global charitable giving enterprise helping improve the lives of children in need around the world

  • Served on the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association for 2 years

  • Passionate about empowering people with the skills and belief to live an extraordinary life 



Are you navigating change in your life? Kevin shares how he navigated through many huge seasons of change and how Sports Life Coaching™ helped him reframe what success means to him. Carlette and Kevin explore Winning Strategies for going for what matters most in life- be courageous, confident and coachable!

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Murray Thom is a serial entrepreneur with the Midas touch.


10 Moments:

  • Managing Director of CBS Records at 23, the youngest Managing Director of that group in the world.

  • During Murray’s ownership, Personalized, had a turnover of $30 million annually and a staff of 60. 

  • In 1997 Murray sold that company to pursue his real passion, the music business.

  • Murray produced The 'Together' 10 CD Collection that was named as Oprah’s "Favorite Thing of the Year” and another show featured ‘Miracle’, a collaboration with Celine Dion and photographer Anne Geddes, produced by Murray.

  • In 2005, won the World Laser Masters championship in Brazil

  • ‘NZ Business’ magazine’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Decade


CONVERSAT10N: Want to learn how to manage fear and failure? Carlette and Murray talk about the lessons learned in sports and how they translate to success in life. 

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CHAMP10N GUEST: Rory Clark is a successful entrepreneur and pastor whose life journey began in the ghettos of Chicago.


10 Moments: 

  • Creator and innovator of FOCUS SELLING®, a breakthrough performance system which has helped countless executives around the world to exceed performance expectations. 

  • For over three decades, executives in over two hundred organizations, on five continents, and in over thirty countries, have learned from Rory, excellence in leadership, teamwork, and performance through the renovation of individual mindsets.

  • Expert in selling, in instruction, and in curriculum design

  • Pastor of Barah Ministries, a Christian Church in Gilbert, AZ 

  • Leadership positions in marketing, sales, recruiting, and training in organizations such as CBS and ABC Radio, Wilson Learning Corporation, and the Dale Carnegie Institute



What motivates you to success? Carlette and Rory talk about how growing up with a single mom, becoming a bat boy for the White Sox, and attending Northwestern University were a few of the steps on Rory’s road to financial success.  

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CHAMP10N GUEST: Rory Clark is a champion for wellbeing.



Did you know that if you live to be 65, chances are you’ll live to be 90? Carlette and Rory discuss winning strategies for physical health and wellbeing.

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Helen Regan, Certified Master Sports Life Coach


10 Moments

  • Every opportunity that positions me to support others to move closer to their goals professionally and personally.

  • Every day in my role as Personal Development Manager to the Wellington Phoenix Football team.

  • Discovering Sports Life Coaching.

  • Guest Presentations on Wellbeing to Massey University High Performance Academy and staff and to Victoria University of Wellington, Sport and Recreation Providers Conference. 



Would you like to consistently perform at a high level- personally, professionally and philanthropically? Carlette and Helen talk about we have the power to manage our energy for optimum perform professionally, maximize rest and recovery, personally and experience joy by giving hope philanthropically.

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Rory Clark is a PEOPLEBUILDER®, with a passion for people development.



Want to start living the life you want vs just thinking about it? Carlette and Rory discuss how self-identity and unconditional love are the foundation for success- personally, professional and philanthropically.

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Eroni Clarke, retired rugby player for the New Zealand All Blacks


10 Moments: 

  • Played for Auckland, the Blues and the All Blacks at an international level

  • Scored 74 tries for Auckland, the 4th most in unions history

  • Former sports presenter for Maori TV

  • Currently the Pasifika Engagement Manager for New Zealand Rugby



What do wellbeing and the traditional tribal war dance- the Haka have in common? Eroni explains the history of the haka which is the Maori tribal war challenge performed by the All Blacks before every match immediately prior to kick-off. Carlette and Eroni discuss how the Haka parallels some fundamentals of wellbeing, including unity, the power of team and asking for help. 

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CHAMP10N GUEST: Ken is the CEO and founder of InnerFit, a New Zealand not-for-profit organization, staffed and supported by business leaders, consultants and sportspeople who hold the belief that success starts within.


10 Moments: 

  • Founder and CEO of InnerFit

  • Marriage Celebrant

  • Founder of Crackerjack Kids, a program for school aged children, designed to teach kids life skills through sport


CONVERSAT10N: Do you have an idea for a busines and are not sure how to take it from idea to reality? Ken shares the moment he realized that his beautiful country of New Zealand needed to help its troubled young people, and how that purpose led him to leave his career and start a new one. Carlette describes how after a painful personal loss, she took a leap of faith and said “yes” to partnering with Ken in what has become an incredible journey to serve and change people’s lives through Sports Life Coaching.

MeQ™ Skills: G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E., 

10 talks insta postso.png


Lisa Zeschke, Arizona; Carly Anderson, New Zealand; Fran Robinson, Tennessee; Joy Burke, Texas



What is Sports Life Coaching Certification? Meet the 2020 graduating class of Certified Sports Life Coaches. Carlette and the team reflect on the process, what they learned, and how they plan on using their new CERTIFICAT10NS. Hear how the Power of Team transforms a diverse group of strangers into a team committed to supporting each other personally, professionally and philanthropically.  

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Jane Cebrynski, Certified Sports Life Coach


10 Moments:

  • Traveling alone for the first time (Italy)

  • Believe for the first time that "I mattered and MY life mattered"

  • Getting coached for the first time and having HOPE that I would be okay

  • Becoming a certified Sports Life Coach

  • My client looking at me and saying, "wow Jane - you have found your calling coaching people going through divorce"

  • Becoming more involved with philanthropy: Garden of HOPE


CONVERSAT10N:  Are you going through challenging life transitions?  Jane didn’t know what the future held but she was determined to invest in herself and get help to figure it out.  After 29 years of marriage, Jane divorced and simultaneously left a job that was unhealthy. Carlette and Jane talk about the impact Sports Life Coaching made in Jane’s life when she was going through big life transitions, both personally and professionally and how she is now committed to coaching others on how to transition from hurting to healing and ultimately be transformed.

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Ben Sigmund is a New Zealand former international footballer.


10 Moments: 


CONVERSAT10N:  Are you the parent of an athlete? Are you an athlete that has a love hate relationship with your sport? Are you someone who has quit something you love because you lost your passion? Carlette and Ben share a heartfelt conversation about being a young athlete destined for success, managing emotional pressures to live up to expectations, the loneliness of success and failure, and how finding a purpose bigger than winning makes it all worthwhile.

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Greg Williams, Head Equestrian Coach at Auburn University


10 Moments: 

  • Six National Titles (2006, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019)

  • Five Hunt Seat National Titles (2008, 2011, 2013, 2018, 2019)

  • One Western National Title (2018)

  • Three South-Eastern Conference Titles (2016, 2019, 2020) 

  • Three Southern Equestrian Championships (2004, 2010, 2011)

  • Auburn Equestrian Team’s Student-Athletes have combined for 90 All-America accolades since the 2010-11 season 

  • Totaled 101 All-SEC and Freshman All-SEC selections

  • Auburn continued its unbeaten streak in 2019-20, finishing the shortened season with a 13-0 mark. The squad was named the outright SEC champion and had 12 All-America honors. 

  • The 2019 squad took Auburn’s success to a new level, becoming the first program in the sport’s history to go unbeaten with an 18-0 mark


CONVERSAT10N: Are you the coach of a team, a CEO, or starting your own business and want to know how to build a Team of CHAMP10NS 
vs champions on a team? Carlette and Greg share winning strategies for successful leadership and learn how Greg turned his passion for horses into 6 National Equestrian Titles for Auburn with 90 All-American athletes.

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