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Challenge 3: Where 2 Begin

C= Care

H= Hope

A= Adjust

N= New Thinking

G= Give Yourself Grace

E= Everyday

  • Did you have a defining moment in your life where you knew you wanted to go for change? 

  • Did you choose to change or did it choose you? 

  • If you chose it, what was it and why?  If it chose you, how did you get respond/react to it? 

  • What were the first steps you took to go for change?

  • What have been your winning strategies to get through it?

  • Who gave you Hope when going for/going through change? 

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Challenge 2: CHAMP10N Mindset and the Heart of a CHAMP10N

C= Challenge 

H= How

A= Adversity

N= Needs

G= Growth Mindset

E= Everyday

  • What does it mean to you to be a CHAMP10N in your life?

  • When have you been a CHAMP10N 4 U?  

  • What did you take on for change?  Why was that important to you? 

  • What were your winning strategies?   

  • How can you be a CHAMP10N 4 what you want?  What are the challenges in going for what you want?  What are some of the obstacles you faced going for what you want? 

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Challenge 1: How 2 Become a CHAMP10N 4 U

= Commit 2 What Matters 2 You

H = Honor You

A = Ask 4 Support 

N = No = New Way

G = Go Forward

E = Everyday

  • Have you ever felt guilty going for the things that matter to you? 

  • How did it feel when you chose you? 

  • What happens when you realize that you matter? 

  • How do you handle saying NO to others to say YES to you? 

  • What happens when we make ourselves a priority? 

  • How are you a CHAMP10N 4 u?  How do you define winning in life?

  • What beliefs about yourself might you have to change to become a CHAMP10N 4 U?

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CHAMP10N Challenge-

10 Talks with

Sara Shepard,

COO and Partner for

StringCan Interactive 

a digital marketing firm

Sara, Jane and Carlette

discuss the

CHAMP10N Challenge

and How 2 go from Grief 2 Growth

How 2 Go From Grief 2 Growth. Listen as Sara shares the Power of Her Story and how our Sports Life Coaching® tools have helped her to be a CHAMP10N for her. Using the Grief Tool, The Power of Team, and 10 Moments & Stats, Sara has been able to go for building a 10 life and finding what matters to her.


  • Can you share a time where grief forced you to change? 

  • How can you be a CHAMP10N 4 U when going through grief? 

  • How was grief a great teacher? 

  • Can you share how going through grief has helped you grow and change? 

  • What are your thoughts and beliefs about grief since training for your life? 

  • What would you tell others about grief and being a CHAMP10N 4 U?

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CHAMP10N Challenge-

10 Talks with

Jane Cebrynski

Certified Sports Life Coach® and Chief Wellbeing Officer®

Jane and Carlette discuss the

CHAMP10N Challenge

and How 2 Find What Matters

2 You.

How can you be a CHAMP10N

4 You and What Matters 2 You?

  • We want you to Get Coached and give you the gift of 30 Day Seasons to be able to celebrate the short term wins.

  • Join us in the Preseason of December before the New Year begins and we go along the journey of creating a 10 Life with our 12 challenges.

  • These are 30 Day Seasons that have a beginning and an end date to go for this change and what matters to you.

  • Take it one week or even one day at a time and be a CHAMP10N for yourself.